Republic of Singapore, commonly known as Singapore, is a sovereign city-state in Southeast Asia, and also an island nation.
It is the center of trade, transportation, and finance, it is the third largest foreign exchange market in the world and the world's fourth largest financial center, and it is also one of the top two harbors that handle the largest volume of cargo of the world. According to the World Bank report, "Doing Business," Singapore has been the most suitable country to open business in the world in nine consecutive years. It has the third-largest national income per capita in the world, but also the world's worst income disparity. Singaporean government bonds of September 2015 has received the highest ratings from all three major rating agencies.
Singapore's GDP in 2013 was $295.7 billion (about 30 trillion yen) and GDP per capita was $54,775; those were the top level in the world. It is a very strong country about international competitiveness, and have been evaluated as the world's second strongest. The proportion of wealthy households is the highest in the world.
Because it is a strategic point of transportation, shipping industry and aviation industry have been developed. After independence, it took the industrialization policy emphasizing the heavy industry, so has grown into one of the largest industrialized countries in Southeast Asia. Although the domestic population and the scale of consumption are small, because of tax benefits of tactics, excellent infrastructure environment, and also the abundance of human resources that can speak English and Chinese, many headquarters of Asia Pacific Ocean region of multinational companies of Western countries are placed as well as Hong Kong, and it has remained impregnable position as a financial center in Southeast Asia since the early 1990s.

(Source) wikipedia
Country Name Republic of Singapore
Land Area 710 square kilometer
Population 5,470,000 (in 2013)
Capital Singapore
Language English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil
Religion Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism, Hinduism
GDP 308 billion dollars (in 2014)
Economic Growth Rate 2.9% (in 2014)
(Source) wikipedia and the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Case Study
01. Chocolate Manufacturing and Sales Company (Iizuka City)
  • Support to advance to Vietnam (Dong Nai) and Singapore
  • Support to align with a cocoa plantation in Vietnam
  • Support to found a sales company in Singapore