Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy positioned in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula and the northern part of Borneo island in Southeast Asia, and a British Commonwealth member country.
According to the IMF, GDP of Malaysia in 2013 was $312 billion and nominal GDP per capita was $10,548. The numerical value of GDP per capita, $10,000 or more, is rarely higher in the Asian tropics.
From the British colonial era, such as rubber plantations, tin mining, natural gas drilling, and so on, production of specific crops and minerals are flourishing, but under the guidance of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, it has made it out of the structure depending on conventional exports of crops and minerals and the tourism industry, and has set a target "Wawasan (meaning vision in Malay) 2020" to enter the advanced countries in 2020.
Despite the delay of development in many of the Southeast Asian countries because of the influence of the colonial rule of the Western powers, failure in socialism, and the stagnation of industrialization, Malaysia has become to be referred to as "honor students of Southeast Asia" with Singapore because it had achieved industrialization and economic growth by making Japan a sample, even though it had been under colonial rule about 170 years. But there is a problem such as a greater gap between the rich and the poor among the ethnic groups.
Like this, because it has the economic strength equal to those of semi-developed countries, labor costs were higher than those of China and Thailand in Malaysia, so expansion of Japanese companies had been plateaued. However, the labor costs are soaring by economic growth also in China, which conflicts keenly with Japan about the Senkaku Islands problem and the history recognition problem, and Thailand is concerned about natural disasters such as floods and cyclones and long-lasting political instability. So in recent years, Malaysia has been attracting attention.

(Source) wikipedia
Country Name Malaysia
Land Area 329,847 square kilometer
Population 29,330,000 (in 2012)
Capital Kuala Lumpur
Language Malay, Chinese, Tamil, English
Religion Islam (federal religion) (61%), Buddhism (20%), Confucianism or Taoism (1.0%), Hindu (6.0%), Christianity (9.0%), other
GDP 312 billion dollars (in 2013)
Economic Growth Rate 4.7% (in 2013)
(Source) wikipedia and the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs