Republic of Indonesia (commonly known as Indonesia) is located in the southern part of Southeast Asia (see below), and it is a republic. The capital is in Jakarta on Java. It has the most islands in the world.
It has the fourth largest population in the world (230 million people). Muslim population is also the world's first place.
It is regarded as a leader of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the ASEAN headquarters is in Jakarta.
According to the IMF, Indonesia's GDP in 2013 is 870 billion dollars and the world's #16.
Indonesia is basically an agricultural country, production volume of coconut is the largest in the world at the time of 2003.
Blessed with mining resources, it mines high amount of gold, tin, petroleum, coal, natural gas, copper, and nickel. Japan has been the most largest importer of LNG from Indonesia.
In industry, light industry, food industry, textile, and petroleum refining are thriving.
In the economy, it has become a member of the G20. Listed as one of NEXT11 countries as well as Vietnam and the Philippines, it and Vietnam have also been cited as countryies of VISTA. Expectations for the Indonesian economy is very high.
According to the survey that Japan Bank for International Cooperation conducted among Japanese companies in 2014, it was the No. 1 as a country that they want to expand overseas, overtaking China.

(Source) wikipedia
Country Name Republic of Indonesia
Land Area 1,919,440 square kilometer
Population 249,000,000 (in 2013)
Capital Jakarta
Language Indonesian
Religion Isram 88.1%, Christianity 9.3%
GDP 870 billion dollars (in 2013)
Economic Growth Rate 5.8% (in 2013)
(Source) wikipedia and the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Case Study
01. Construction Company (Fukuoka City)
  • Support to advance to Jakarta
  • Introduction of local partner companies
  • Introduction of development projects
02. Cosmetics Manufacturing and Sales Company (Fukuoka City)
  • Support to advance to Jakarta and Semarang
  • Introduction of a local trading company (newly established)
  • Local sales strategy support