Company Name Challenge Community Partners Inc. (CCP)
Establishment November 15th, 2012
Description of Business Training Business, Overseas Advance Consulting Business, etc.
Officer President & CEO
 Hideki Shoda
Operating Officer General Manager
 Yoshitaka Yuri
Operating Officer Administration Manager
 Kazuki Hiraya
Hideki Shoda
President & CEO
Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Graduate of Kyushu Institute of Technology  Visiting Professor of Kyushu Institute of Technology Part-time Lecturer of Fukuoka University
Founded an IT company HAW International in 1999 in order to make Iizuka City, Fukuoka, in Silicon Valley of Asia. Also carried out the development and execution of the city's information industry city strategy "Try-Valley Concept," and supported to establish and attract about 80 companies of venture companies.
Currently, along with the support of the regional strategy development across the country, focusing on the human network development for the Asian market expansion of local small and medium-sized enterprises, and moving to organize foreign students OB network in Asian countries.
Yoshitaka Yuri
Operating Officer General Manager
Born in Kyoto Prefecture, Graduate of Waseda University  Manager of an Incorporated NPO, ETIC.
Has worked in a bank, MUFG, about 9 years. Engaged in the consulting business of asset management and pension plans. Then, after the survey work of the entrepreneurship environment with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the United States Department of Commerce, since 2004, at the ETIC, has been involving in community regeneration and human resource development activities in the 50 regions in Japan.
Kazuki Hiraya
Operating Officer Administration Manager
Born in Saitama Prefecture, Graduate of Josai University CEO of WeCan Inc.
Engaged in the business revitalization and consulting business in the corporate planning of a listed holding company. Currently, providing management services, mainly the financial consulting of small and medium-sized enterprises, to the companies across Japan to enhance the sustainability.
Hiroshi Nishida
ASEAN Advance Support Division Senior Consultant
Born in Tokyo, Graduate of Keio University Representative Director of Compass Co.,Ltd, Outside Director of KAYAC Inc.
Engaged in international equity investment business primarily as a fund manager at a financial institution after graduating from a university.
After residence in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, founded a consulting firm of branding and corporate communications in 2001, introducing a method that focuses on media development and human resources development. Concurrently serving as outside directors of listed companies such as an animation studio, a mobile content project delivery company, and a toy company.
In 2013, transfered the business to a management partner, and re-opened a business as a guiding role for potential actualization. Currently, engaging in a consulting business such management strategy, business strategy, brand strategy, and development and advice of IT strategy of medium and start-up companies mainly.
John Kojiro Moriwaka
Born in Shimonoseki Ciry, Yamaguchi, Graduate of Harvard Business School, President and CEO of Silicon Valley Ventures, Executive Vice President and CIO of Moriwaka Medical Co., Ltd
Currently, mainly in the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and the East Pacific Ocean, has been working to bring innovation in order to revitalize the health care, education and the arts industry on the basis of the design thinking and creativity.
Giving leadership seminars and so on to corporates, hospitals, and universities throughout the country, also announcing overseas, and appearing in the media.
Having executive networks around the world.

Book: "Why are Harvard elites strong in pressure?" (Gakken plus)