We will match the most reliable
business partners in ASEAN countries
to which you want to expand.
Service of Challenge Community Partners

Dear all managers who think of the overseas expansion

The completing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the democratization of Myanmar , the labor force whose quality improving rapidly.
Now ASEAN is again being noted.
Indeed, political instability and cultural differences are big risks.
To reduce the risks and to succeed overseas expansion more surely, it is important to find reliable local partners.
Challenge Community Partners (CCP) has strong connection with the local coordinators who have deep ties with Japan, in the ASEAN countries. Taking advantage of these talents, you can find reliable partners.
Why don't you try to make a good use of the overseas chance taking advantage of CCP?


Our purposes are to support the ASEAN expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises of Japan, to tie with the growing Asian economy, and to help to create new markets in the region.


Holding the network basing on alumni organization of foreign students who came to Japan from ASEAN countries.
Mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia, and spreading across Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand.


Taking advantage of the definitive network of ASEAN foreign students who hope the development of both of Japan and their home countries, we promise the best partner matching of overseas expansion.


Service lowering the hurdles of the following problems to be assumed at the time of expansion to the limit.

01. Financial Problems

02. Language Barrier

03. Human Resource Problems


We have put together the process
until the start of service.

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This is the price list
when you use the service of CCP.

Service Price >

- Population of about 250 million people
- ASEAN's largest market

- Diligent and dexterous labor force
- Most probable country for China+1

- Last frontier
- Exports amount to Japan is expanding rapidly

- Abundant natural resources
- Excellent investment environment

-Largest Japanese population in ASEAN
- High international competitiveness
Other ASEAN countries

- Completing AEC
- Expected high economic growth